Fripp Island
Fripp Island Entrance
Property of Hamilton County, Ohio Engineers
Hamilton County Engineer
The Beach Baby
Yet Another Beach Baby
Flag of The State of South Carolina
Welcome to Fripp Island and
John Fripp Villa 114

This is an amateur web designer's (me)
first attempt to describe Fripp Island and
other features of the South Carolina Low
Country.  It's a work under continual
construction, so as they say, "EXCUSE
OUR DUST".  Don't be surprised to find
missing links, overlapping photos, and
even some misspeeling of words <gr>.  
From time to time you may even see some
strange objects float across the screen.

The normal background music is "Beach
Baby" by the group First Class.  
Sometimes other songs will be playing.  
Let me know in the GuestBook of any
song you'd like to hear.

If you are interested in renting our villa or
finding out more about Fripp Island, please
drop us an Email at
Our Upper Villa #114 Viewed from the Courtyard
Entry Way
Living Room
Breakfast Area
Dining Room
Master Loft Bedroom
Courtyard Bedroom
Rear Bedroom
Room For Your Cars
View of the Atlantic
Dedicated to the Memory of:

Bob Brockmeyer
Sue Serena

Fran Ruggerie

Pat Condo

Pat Goodison
Faye Bechtler
Jim Stickney
Neil Richardson

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